Enjoy the freedom of the open road with AAA at your back.

For an annual fee of $30, eligible Plus and Premier members can enjoy the twists and turns of the open road with AAA RV/Motorcycle Service. One easy payment ensures that you can rely on the expert roadside assistance services you’ve come to know and expect from AAA. And like your AAA Plus or Premier membership, AAA RV/Motorcycle coverage follows you, no matter what motorcycle or RV you happen to be riding.

Roadside assistance from a name you already know and trust.

Services cover registered and street legal vehicles including:

  • Motorcycles (two and three wheeled)
  • Motorhomes
  • Pickup trucks with a camper
  • Travel trailers
  • 5th wheel campers

Services include:

  • Battery jumpstarts and tire inflation
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Towing up to 100 miles at no charge (200 miles for Premier)
  • For more details, see Terms & Conditions

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