Mature Operator Program

Are you a safe driver? Even long–time drivers with excellent driving records can improve safe–driving habits.

A lot of experienced drivers never received formal instruction on how to drive safely; they just got in a car and drove. Other drivers know quite a bit about safe driving but could use a refresher. Still others haven't kept up with the changes in highways, cars, traffic signs or rules of the road. AAA Driving School is offering a classroom education program to help mature operators stay informed on the newest techniques for being safe while operating a motor vehicle.

The curriculum is based on AAA's Roadwise Driver mature operator program and includes content specific to older drivers including: top concerns for senior drivers and top five crash causes for senior drivers. Additionally, the program will focus on vision problems, aging and the effects of medications as it relates to operating a motor vehicle.

Classes will be held monthly in AAA Pioneer Valley offices. Each class will run approximately four hours. There will be a small break around noon, so please bring a lunch or snack with you. For more information, contact Cherie Pease at 413–785-1381 x475.

Mature Operator Class Schedule:

West Springfield Branch

Springfield Branch

Hadley Branch